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Diana Headshot April 2018_018I am a retired Registered Nurse and started my career in 1973.  I have worked in several areas within the N.H.S., private nursing etc. My passion with nutrition emerged from nursing countless people suffering with preventable illnesses. From 1991, I worked for a rehabilitation charity where residents needed help to aid their recovery from illness/accident or mental health problems.
In this setting, I was very involved with health promotion and this is the bee in my bonnet.  My mission is to help people become and stay well. I am currently involved in creating a festival to show that the health of the planet determines our health.


I am used to talking to small groups about health and nutrition and this is now a major part of my work. In the past, I was the Clinical Nutritionist for the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue service.

With a lifetime of nursing, more than twenty years in health promotion and fifteen years studying human nutrition, I have the experience necessary and a wealth of information that enables me to treat chronic health issues and illnesses – especially gut problems. Apart from my nutrition course, my teachers are the best; the late Barry Groves – a doctor of nutritional science, The Weston A. Price Foundation – a non-profit organization, teaching traditional nutrition; Natasha Campbell McBride – a doctor who specialises in gut disorders and many other specialists. I will never cease researching this subject because information does not cease.

My approach is different, maybe unorthodox – but I assure you my advice completely logical and will ensure that clients see this too.

I do not routinely prescribe supplements and only advise their use if there is no other way.

I am very happy to answer your questions so do please phone me for details or text me a message and I will call you back. There is absolutely no obligation attached to an inquiry.

Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

On a personal level, I have a partner and two grown children.  I live and work in Reading, Berkshire.

I am fully insured to practice independently.

Landline: 01189 968 803
Mobile: 07540 319 179 (text please)
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42, Silverthorne Drive




The Weston A Price Foundation

A nonprofit, tax-exempt nutrition education foundation. Up to date information about nutrients and their effect on the body.

Zoë Harcombe

Lots of information here and in her very popular books.

Whitings The Real Meat Company Shop Caversham Reading

Martin is very helpful and really knows his stuff. Not only do they sell wonderful meat but if you have special requirements, they are very happy to oblige.

Second Opinions

The late Barry Groves had a PhD in nutritional science. There is a wealth of information here, from a man who was qualified to give it. His books include: Trick and Treat – Natural Health and Weight, Loss Eat Fat Get Thin! and Fluoride. He died during 2013.


Liata Holistic Therapie

Offering a range of holistic therapies including Colour Therapy, Aromatherapy, Indian Head massage, Acupressure Chair massage and Hopi Ear Candling.