Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

Is this the substance sent from hell to plague our lives or could it possibly be that we cannot live without it in substantial amounts? The fact is that cholesterol is vital for many processes that go on in our bodies. It helps with immunity, hormones, brain and nerve function/maintenance and more. This article outlines how its many uses in the body and the dangers of low cholesterol.

file0002064028494So what of statins – the drugs that reduce blood cholesterol? Why are they so popular and so readily prescribed if cholesterol is needed by the body? It’s a long story but nowhere in this tale is our health truly considered. The main thread is….profit. Read this.

There may be a use for statins and that is in (rare) cases of hypercholesterolaemia – a genetic problem of exceptionally high cholesterol. This is not diagnosed by a one-off test but with tests over a period of time with the levels remaining abnormally high.

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