It’s Your Life! Show Exhibitor Blogs – h by Maia

h by Maia is a Berkshire-based brand that handcrafts honest all-natural skin care for those who love a little luxury, value naturally radiant skin and want to limit the toxicity in their lives.

h by Maia is transparent about its ingredients and its philosophy encourages you to make informed choices about what you put on your skin.

h by Maia-OilsAs the skin absorbs as much as 60% of what is put onto it, h honest natural skin care is formulated solely with this in mind.  The result is a luxurious blend of high-quality organic oils and rich creamy butters bursting with nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids, carefully-selected for their known therapeutic and nourishing benefits to the skin.

Unlike many skincare brands h formulations are oil-based (anhydrous) and completely water-free , which means they have a naturally long shelf-life and do not need any preservatives, emulsifiers or thickeners. Instead every single ingredient is 100% active and selected for its specific therapeutic benefit for the skin. h formulations contain no parabens, petro-chemicals,  SLS, thickening agents, emulsifiers or other synthetic ingredients.

h started out of a love for things honest and natural.  Believing that natural beauty is about integrating nature into our daily lives, h skincare is about being pure and enjoying the simple things – there is nothing more beautiful than naturally radiant skin…

h stands for a host of things:            h by Maia-Cleanser

h is for health

h is for honesty

h is for healing

h is for happiness

It really is quite simple…

Creator and Founder Maia Smith set out to develop a range of products to soothe her own skin problems, which resulted in the first range of h by Maia formulations. “I realised the only way I could make sure the products I used on my skin contained no nasties was to make them myself”.  So that’s exactly what she did.

Having noticed the considerable difference the products made to her skin, Maia now has an increasing local client base who are also now reporting the difference these natural plant oils make to their skin. Two years later she still uses her products every day!

Maia With a background in public health, a key objective of  Maia’s brand is to raise awareness  – through social media and other channels – about undesirable ingredients, and make the use of natural skin care products the norm.

h by Maia exhibited at the November 2015 “It’s Your Life” show as it seemed the perfect opportunity to reach people interested in natural health and wellbeing.  The show included a good range and balance of nutrition, therapy, skin care and wellbeing exhibitors – both local and bigger known brands – which attracted Maia to the show.  It was the ideal opportunity for a start-up business like h by Maia.

As well as increasing the visibility of the brand, the “It’s Your Life” show proved in particular to be an excellent opportunity for networking with other like-minded people and businesses, some of whom Maia hopes to collaborate with going forward.  “I think we are so lucky to have an event of this nature and scale in Reading, and everyone needs to know about it! I enjoyed the atmosphere and really look forward to the April show”.