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Experiencing low energy and weariness?
How to cure Spring Fatigue!

Spring is the time of year when we often feel tired. Low energy, dizziness, muscle tension, loss of appetite, and sleeping problems are just a few of the symptoms of spring fatigue. Prevent it through a balanced diet, exercise, and taking the right combination of vitamins and minerals.
Scarce sunlight during winter (decline of Vitamin D reserves) and reduced physical activity are factors that largely contribute to spring fatigue. Inadequate nutrition which does not provide the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients can also result in fatigue. The vitamin level of fruits and vegetables available in the winter are not equal to those we consume in the spring and summer, which could also lead to a vitamin deficient state.
By introducing some minor changes, the period of exhaustion can be greatly reduced.

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Consume a lot of water – about 1.5l-2l per day – and drink herbal teas every day, they are delicious!
Do more sports! Any movement will do and it’s especially good to exercise outdoors thus you can help your Vitamin-D reserves fill up – from May onwards, the sun is strong enough for our skin to produce Vitamin D naturally.
In order to replenish our reserves, in addition to a balanced diet and regular physical activity, we should provide our body with sufficient vitamins and minerals. Increased amounts of vitamin C, vitamins of the B group, magnesium, and iron will stimulate your energy, strengthen your immunity, relieve fatigue,
and help prevent anaemia (Boost B12).
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