More Deception – Bowel Cancer

We have become used to believing what is said in the media. They must be right mustn’t they? The government say it’s OK or not OK so we think we’re OK.

There is a saying that goes something like, “Just because the majority believe it, doesn’t mean it’s not a lie” and how true that is! When it’s concerning our health, these lies make us ill and for me it’s just not acceptable.

Starting from basics: Why does organic food need to be labelled so? It is FOOD. Why do foods that have been tampered with genetically, sprayed with toxic chemicals, or come with a side-garnish of antibiotics, get to be called “food”? We have got used to this system. To my way of thinking it should be turned on its head. The goods that grown/bred with chemicals, should be labelled as such because they are extra to the food.Dairy CowNow let’s look at the recent, scary news headlines. “Eating bacon, sausages, ham and salami increases your chance of bowel cancer.” Then they added – red meat probably does too. What a load of twaddle! (Unless we are talking about cheap food in which case, they may not be healthy – but still may not cause cancer on their own.) We have been eating most of these foods for hundreds/thousands and in the case of red meat, millions of years! Before we had refrigeration, many meats were salted, spiced and dried or “cured” because they lasted longer without rotting. Sausages were a great way to use off-cuts of meat and made to go further by adding breadcrumbs. I don’t know where to start with red meat! Actually, yes I do. We have eaten red meat for millions of years – or we would not be here in the way that we are. Please remember – it is NEVER one food that makes someone ill – it is their diet that has this dubious accolade. See my guidelines.

Cheap foods with added toxic chemicals, should come with a health warning. Look at the list of ingredients on a pack of sausages, talk to a butcher – get wise. If you vote with your feet and buy organic food, more farmers will turn back to the traditional ways of producing food – real food. You could grow your own of course – and keep a few hens!

It is a sad fact that cheap food is produced through greed. The producers will say that it is  consumer demand, so let’s change it. Don’t be a victim – eat food the way nature intended.