Nourishing Exhibitors

Previous exhibitors and confirmed for
Woodley 01.10.17

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 Love Kombucha,   A Basing Bakes,   True Food Co-op,

Hippopot Herbs,    Hellas Farm,   Pure Recharge,   

I Am Cocoa,   Dol Rosa Canina,    Coconut Gold,

Flavit Seaweed Seasoning,  Nomad Health Pasta,   Sin Gluten-Free,

Little Fingers Organic Toddler Food,   Aztec Gold Chocolate,

The Organic Hamper Company,   Caucasian Spice Box,  Cherry Me,  

Tamarind Delight,   Taka Turmeric,


Love Kombucha                                        
“Love Kombucha, a refreshing soft drink, made by adding a live culture to sweetened green tea. The culture consumes the tea and sugar and creates Kombucha!”






True Food Co-op                                       Confirmed for October
Based in Emmer Green, Reading, True Food organic produce, is run by a small team of permanent staff and a big team of volunteers! This a wonderful resource for people local to Reading. You can do all your food and household shopping here. Receive valuable discounts if you volunteer too – just three hours in four weeks!




Pure Recharge                        Confirmed for October                                          
“A Recharge Smoothie is a great way to start your day or fuel up before training. They are energising, nutritious, amazingly tasty and easy to prepare made from wholesome ingredients!”
Pure Recharge logo




A Basing Bakes                                  
Many people are now finding that their health is better if they avoid the gluten contained in regular wheat flour. A Basing bakes creates all those goodies completely gluten-free!
A Basing Bakes logo




I Am Cocoa                                                                
Artisan chocolates from Jackie and Rohan. A huge range of synthetic preservatives and flavourings and lots specifically for Christmas. From the sales of their “Big G” lollipops, a donation of 50p is given to charities – MacMillan Cancer Support, Iain Rennie Grove House Hospice & Michael Sobell House Hospice.
I Am Cocoa logo



Hellas Farm                                                                       
Hellas Farm is an organic Greek deli. They produce natural organic Greek Foods – including olives and olive oil, herbs, sundried tomatoes and dips.
Hellas Farm logo




Flavit Seaweed Seasoning                        
“We passionately believe in the power of seaweed – not just for its wide ranging health benefits but for its culinary uses too. Not only does seaweed add instant goodness to your diet, but it actually makes your food taste better as well as helping to reduce your intake of salt.”
Flavit logo




Little Fingers – Organic Toddler Finger Food    
“We are committed to provide high quality nutritious and delicious organic finger food for babies and toddlers that will only encourage positive habits. If we learn young chances are as we grow older we will have a happy and healthy attitude to food as well as a diverse palate.”
Little Fingers logo





Hippopot Herbs                       
“Hippopot Teas are made exclusively from dried herbs and (in some blends) fruits. We don’t use anything from the tea plant. Hippopot Teas contain no green or black tea, no caffeine, and certainly no additives or preservatives. Just natural herbs for you to enjoy!”
Hippopot logo




Nomad Health                                                      Confirmed for October
SuperSeed pasta is created from sesame seed, green banana or flaxseed to provide high amount of protein with lots of fibre and low GI. This natural and nutrient rich pasta selection easily fits into a broad spectrum of diets and makes it suitable for those leading vegetarian, FODmap or paleo lifestyle.

Nomad Health logo



The Organic Hamper Company                    
“Whatever the reason for sending a hamper you want to know that it is full of the finest quality products, chosen thoughtfully and carefully, and packaged with the same amount of care and detail that you would give yourself. This is what we provide at the Organic Hamper Company.”
The Organic Hamper Co logo

Caucasian Spice Box                                         
“We are specialised in ethnic Georgian/Caucasian food and have a broad vegan choice, which is different and loved by locals. We also sell spices and pickles.”
Caucasian Spice Box




Coconut Gold                                            
Coconut Gold are a Sri Lankan  family run business and have been producing organic coconut products for more than 40 years. They will be exhibiting coconut oil and more.
Coconut Gold logo





Cherry Me                                                New for October
Natural dried fruit with no additives! We dry on low heat to preserve as many nutrients as possible.
Cherry Me logo




Aztec Gold Chocolate                                                       
“At Aztec Gold Chocolate we make artisan chocolate from organic unroasted cacao beans and naturally nutrient rich coconut sugar. Our low temperature processing maintains the unique flavours of the beans while preserving their natural goodness.”
Aztec Gold Logo




Dol Rosa Canina                                      Confirmed for October
“Artisan herbal produce from the rural roman Oxfordshire village of Marcham made using only fresh local organic wild-foraged herbs, berries, nuts & fruit.”
Dol Rosa Canina logo




Sin Gluten-Free                                                                  
Treats for those who are gluten intolerant.
Sin logo




Tamarind Delight                                                             New for October 17
A range of delicious natural Indian sauces made in a natural and traditional way.


Taka Turmeric                                                     New for October 17
“Turmeric is a cornerstone ingredient in our full range of Taka Turmeric teas and drinks. For dedicated turmeric fans, we even produce our own organic Taka Turmeric capsules!”
Taka Turmeric logo