The low-carbohydrate diet and cardiovascular risk factors: Evidence from epidemiologic studies.

I am not blogging this week but I implore you to read this short summary of recent research on low-carbohydrate diets. Print it off and show it to doctors who tell you to eat a low-calorie diet to lose weight and improve your heart health. Start from today – eat proper nutrient-dense food, like that below!


Prostate Cancer Testing in the News.

Prostate cancer is no rarity nowadays. It always was a cancer of elderly men and it has been shown that most men in their late seventies and eighties have cancerous cells in their prostate gland. Cancer here is usually slow-growing and diagnosis often made retrospectively, as death can be from an unrelated illness. Today, it is a cancer that all men need to know about as, due to lifestyle and diet, it is being diagnosed at an earlier age.

Testing for prostate cancer has become quite sophisticated in recent years. However as this article shows  – the tests are not perfect. Here is a short extract from the report:
“Of around 500 of the cases in which significant disease was present, just 50 per cent were detected during the traditional biopsy, compared with 68 per cent detection rates using the MRI-guided technique, the study found.

Not great statistics are they? We all need to take more responsibility for our health and well-being including our sexual health.

Firstly a bit of anatomy and physiology: The prostate (men only!)  is a walnut-sized and shaped gland which sits underneath the bladder and around the urethra (the tube to the outside). Its function is to form part of the seminal fluid.

Diagram manThe most common condition of the prostate is benign enlargement (or benign prostatic hypertrophy) which to some degree affects all men as they age. Very often it is a minor irritation, not a big problem. This is not cancer but if symptoms are felt, medical advice should be sought to exclude it.

The most common symptoms are urinating more frequently, not fully emptying the bladder and when passing urine, the stream is slow or weak. Benign enlargement is as far as is known, not preventable but cancer especially before old age, often is.

The best option is to take action now by changing your chances of developing cancer in the first place. These are the tips I would offer:

Ill-health does not happen by chance.  Most illness is brought about by incorrect diet and lifestyle so what are you going to change?

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