How Charitable are Charities?

America’s 50 Worst Charities Exposed

Doesn’t this make your blood boil? Most of us want to do something for those less fortunate that ourselves but when we do, we need to know that the gift we donate is being used for the purpose advertised. What a shock then, to learn that so much of our donation goes to the charity organizers and solicitors. This story is US based but make no mistake, this happens here too.

I know this is slightly off topic for me, but charities are businesses that are usually concerned with illness and this for me is the rub. No one – it appears – is looking for lifestyle measures that truly maintain wellness. Please someone, show me even one, that does!

Charities are often associated with big businesses – make no mistake about this. Just look at this list of “partners” for Heart UK – the cholesterol charity.  This is just one charity that I have selected at random.
1414425_74248645These are huge and very rich conglomerates (many of which are pharmaceutical and food manufacturers) using the charity as a “shop window”. Money paid into this charity will almost certainly be used for “research” that shows that cholesterol must be lowered thus promoting their products. Why are they there otherwise? With this charity, the first mistake is believing that cholesterol is an issue at all. There is a library’s worth of evidence showing the benefits of having cholesterol levels above 5mmol per litre of blood – but that’s another story.

Take a good look at the charities they you have supported. Check their websites and look for the clues. Do their sponsors/partners/trustees involve big businesses? Does the information supplied refer to specific drugs? Are particular branded foods recommended? Are disease “cures” being searched for? Are disease prevention medications and branded foods being advocated? This is the case with so many charities and I would urge you rethink how you donate your money.
The charities worthy of help are the ones that are searching for preventative natural solutions and those providing direct care to the sick, be they animals or humans. Local small charities are often the most needy as they don’t attract the multi-national companies. Please do your homework before donating.

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“Why Do Some People Suffer Gut Problems More Than Others?” (IBS Part 2)

This post starts to answer some of the questions I posed last time. Everything hangs on your immunity. It really is the be-all and end-all of wellness or illness. Let me tell you a story, a bit scary in places but it all ends happily ever after.

When you were developing in your mother’s womb, your gut was sterile. When you were born, you were covered with the bacteria and other microbes that were in your mother’s vagina – the same ones that were in her colon. (Told you it was scary!)

Walking BarefootYou were put to the breast where you and your brand new gut microbes were nourished and you all thrived. As you grew you were given a good diet of eggs, meat, healthy fats, vegetables, fruit and quality dairy products. Playing was fun and you crawled around the garden in the sunshine, tasting the worms and making mud pies. (Well I did!)
Childhood illnesses were encountered and fought off and even when antibiotics were necessary, you were quick to recover on your nutrient-dense diet. The status quo is maintained and you continued your healthy lifestyle. As an adult, you are healthy and wellness is easy.


Now another even more scary story which does not end so happily.

When you were developing in your mother’s womb, your gut was sterile. When you were born, it had to be by Caesarian section as your mother was in difficulties and you had to go straight into an incubator. You had not picked up your dose of mum’s gut microbes but you got a little of everyone else’s flora from being handled. As your mother was unwell for a while, you were fed formula milk and you and your new – but unbalanced – gut microbes were nourished.

French FriesYour diet was mostly quick and easy foods as your mother went back to work and you play time was mostly indoors at the nursery. You suffered all the childhood illnesses going around at the time, and needed several courses of antibiotics which upset your tummy. As an adolescent you settled on a high carbohydrate diet as the government advised.

You had a holiday abroad, got a stomach bug from which you partially recovered but ever since, your stomach has been a problem. Foods you were able to eat become ones you now can’t tolerate. You suffer gas, diarrhoea, stomach cramps  gurgling and more. As an adult, you don’t really know what wellness is.These symptoms can be due to IBS, but may progress to being celiac disease, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease (IBD). All these diseases are autoimmune conditions.

I have made these stories simple but there are lots of other factors that contribute to how you will fare health-wise. Vaccinations, household cleaning products, exposure to sunlight, accessible good quality food etc. – if/how/when these are done will all impact on your immunity.  The problems encountered in the second story can be overcome as long as the very basics are observed – nurture of the immune system.

Next time I will give you a “close up” of what is happening in a gut suffering “dysbiosis” – microbial life at war!

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