For over 25 years I was/have been diagnosed with IBS. An unhelpful umbrella term that covers most things to do with the gut and digestion. I have seen gastroenterologists and several dieticians who only advised me to eliminate foods and/and reintroduce. I found that I was eliminating more foods each month/year from my diet and 3 years ago I was eating a diet of only rice…for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I felt physically and mentally isolated but played it down so that I did not inflict my difficulties on my friends and family even though they were understanding. I had to use my own area of the kitchen and utensils to keep contamination low. It affected my social life, going out and work.

I would get unexpected and extreme bouts of diarrhoea or constipation with very painful spasms that would affect daily living. I became so exhausted. I began to lack confidence and opt out of social get-togethers. I was scared too. My nails began to flake and my hair became very thin.

Not one doctor in all those years ever thought to take blood tests for anaemia or Vit D until I complained about the exhaustion and skin and nails condition where it was revealed I needed folic acid supplements and high Vit D… my levels were so low.

Before Xmas 2016 I was looking around the supermarket at all the Christmas food goodies and got upset. I went home and googled searched ‘I can only eat rice’ and lo and behold a response came in the name of Micaela Stafford who also had experienced similar problems to me.

She had gone to the media to express her concerns and a clinical dietician, Diana Earnshaw, contacted her and began her road to recovery. I quickly emailed Diana and asked whether she could help me too. She said she would try. She was very encouraging.

I am on the first few weeks of a recovery program engineered by Diana and already I can eat eggs and vegetables that I have not eaten for 40 years.

The first tastes, flavours and textures were and still are sublime.

I have a long way to go but my family, friends and colleagues are all complimentary about how energised and healthy I am looking already.

 Diana is so knowledgeable and experienced in food and nutrition and she introduced me to what and how I could eat and it is working brilliantly…I never thought I would be able to eat a nutritious diet again and I am so grateful to her, to her methods and vast experience in dietary conditions.

I look forward to mealtimes now for the first time in many years and am confident that it is full of goodness too.

Thank you Diana, what a star.
Sue T. 27.02.17



August 2012- I met Diana – really desperate for help with several severe issues relating to my guts. What first struck me when I sat in front of Diana was that she totally got it, as I sat unravelling 30 years of what I thought was okay living – but clearly not – as I had IBS ongoing for 20 years – severe headaches etc. I could go on but if you’re reading this you all have your own ghastly tale to tell. I was currently experiencing continuous diarrhoea 24 hours a day, losing weight fast and I knew this was my life line. Diana was great – always available and I mean always – this is not a Therapist who works by the clock, on an appointment basis and God we’ve all been there.

What an overwhelming relief to be able to text or talk to Di whenever, even when she was supposed to be on holiday on Jersey.

Her programme is tough – but God is it effective I’m testament to that and my whole feeling of well being has been turned around – the odd infection here and there – but the foods I now eat are what I need and I can cope with my insides, what a relief – I feel clean inside. This is not about swallowing pills, vitamins or any other potions. Di’s way of helping and putting things right is so common sense. Thanks for taking the time to read this and its genuine – no more desperation. I am in contact with Di 9 months later if I have any questions, or need any ongoing support, and that’s genuine help and guidance.
Jane – Oxford 2013

“I tried a GP, a Chinese doctor, a herbalist and a homeopath to cure my strange illness. None helped. I then read about Diana in a newspaper and got in touch with her. What she said about food was difficult to accept but I was so desperate, I was willing to try her method. It was not an easy road for me. My condition worsened and Diana supported me. I would have given up without her. Eventually my health returned. She taught me so much especially about foods to eat which seemed unconventional but helped me.” Mr Patel Leicestershire


“I suffered from outbreaks of rashes and spots on my face and head for several years. I went to dermatologists, herbalists and tried many other treatments, but none worked. Initial changes to what I ate alleviated the problem, but I still got reactions. However, on Diana Earnshaw’s diet in just a couple of months my skin cleared up completely. Now, as long as I stick to her advice, my skin remains good. Diana offers extensive support, explaining things in a clear way and giving the compassionate encouragement I needed to change my eating habits.’ Jan Erik Paulden November 2012

I’m so very grateful to Diana for her clear, no-nonsense approach and knowledgeable advice.  Before going to see her about my recurrent stomach pain (which I’d endured for over 2 years) I had tried two different prescription drugs, had an abdominal scan to check for gall stones and had been chugging over-the-counter remedies — none of which had much effect (indeed, the prescriptions seemed to make it worse).  On one occasion the pain was so bad (about a 9 out of 10) I nearly went to casualty.

Then I mentioned to Diana that I’d been having problems and she suggested I come to see her.  Having taken a detailed history and listened to my woes, she came back with several very practical things I could do.  She also took time to explain to me what was probably happening and why it happened.

I took Diana’s advice and implemented just one of her suggestions.  I can honestly say that my life is transformed.  I’m cautious with how I eat (which eliminates the danger of encountering pain) and on those days in the month when the pain starts to creep up, I know exactly what to do and it never gets above a 1 out of 10.

I SO wish I’d gone to see Diana sooner; it would have eliminated my suffering earlier and allowed me to get on with my life.  I whole-heartedly recommend her. Liv March 2012

As a sufferer of Sero-negative Athritis I am convinced of the link between all autoimmune disease and diet and have managed to ease my condition somewhat through dietry restriction, (the usual culprits; wheat, dairy, etc.)

However this has come at a price in terms of weight loss so it is a constant balance for me to find a diet that sustains me while not aggrivating my joint problems.

Keeping a daily food and health symptoms diary can help to identify any potential problematic foods, but it is always hard to make clear objective conclusions through self analysis. Diana’s appraisals are invaluable in providing me with that objectivity and her knowledge of health and diet is second to none. I have research endlessly for many years and am sure that some form of a hunter-gatherer paleolithic diet is what the human animal should be eating but chronic illness is a complicated issue and Diana constantly comes up with new avenues worthy of investigation which I would never think of trying otherwise.

Her support and encouragement also helps immeasurably when undertaking an “unconventional” dietary approach to curing.
We have made great progress together so far, especially in regards to me reintroducing many food groups to which I had become suspicious and she is working tirelessly to help me find that elusive balance between achieving good nutrition and curing my ails.

There is no silver bullet to my situation and the road to recovery is not a short one but with Diana’s help, knowledge and support I am sure that better health and nutrition is assured.
Thanks as ever Diana, you’re a star!  Simon Peacock, Shaftesbury, Dorset. February 2012

I have been eating healthier with Diana, for the last few months. It began when I mentioned to her about my terrible ‘heart-burn/indigestion’ after eating meals. She looked at my current diet and changed it quite radically in parts but to foods that I liked to eat, so it was easy really. It has worked. I haven’t suffered from either of the above at all and the best part is I lost a little weight in the process.  Tracy  August 2010

I cannot thank Diana enough. At the beginning of the summer I was feeling very depressed as there was virtually nothing I could eat that didn’t upset my system. It had got to the point that I wouldn’t eat meals if I was already feeling bad and I would have to plan every day around when I would be able eat. Within a few weeks, however, Diana had got me onto a diet that was making me feel more energised and ultimately much happier because I was not getting ill anywhere near the extent that I had been before.

Diana’s the first person who actually listened to me; doctors had done numerous tests on me and medically I was fine and therefore they did nothing. Diana was a real emotional support and although I’ve technically stopped seeing her, she’s always there by text or email which is a real help if I do have a bad day or if I’m not sure about something I’m eating. I really feel she has turned my life around.   B. September 2010

Since my early teens I have always had to watch my weight.  Over the years I have tried all sorts of diets and, as most people find, although weight loss can be achieved, it piles back on when the diet cannot be sustained.  This can be for all sorts of reasons but it’s usually because the diet is too restrictive and becomes boring or, as with a lot of “fad” diets, it would be downright unhealthy to stay on it for any length of time.

I consulted Diana when my weight had increased more radically than it had in the past and I just didn’t know what to try next.  I was determined to follow the dietary advice she gave me and, to my surprise, found that it wasn’t difficult to do.  As a result, I found I lost weight steadily and was delighted when I eventually dropped two dress sizes.  That was several years ago.  I have continued to follow the advice Diana gave me on diet, I haven’t had to resort to the “quick fix” diets where you fail as soon as you come off them and as a result, I have been able to maintain the weight loss I originally achieved.

I would also like to add that, having become diabetic during pregnancy only, I was warned by an obstetrician that I could become type 2 diabetic in later life – that was eighteen years ago and, thankfully, there has been no return of the condition. Debbie August 2010

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