The Flu

The flu vaccination programme is well underway now. I would urge that you base your decision regarding vaccination on fact rather than hype. Do some research – there is plenty about. Here is just one article.

A good immune system is the most precious attribute you can have and nothing can replace it. There are also lots of remedies for colds and flu – some based in science, some just money-makers. Here are some of the best things you can do to boost immunity – and these are free or cost little. They may avert infection all together, but even if you do contract a virus, you may suffer less and recover more quickly. Life is not without health problems but a healthy body is natures way of ensuring that the species is not wiped out.

  • Reduce carbohydrates and sugar. Your blood glucose rises as a result of their metabolism and can coat the white cells, rendering them less able to do their job of clearing up infective organisms.
  • Enjoy traditional warming foods such as soups made from bone stock, stews and casseroles made from meat with bone (eg, scrag end of neck of lamb for lamb stew).  Try thinly sliced organic liver and onions cooked in lots of butter too.
  • Have a cheese omelette for breakfast instead of cold cereal. Or maybe porridge (not instant) served with cream and a little sweetener if desired. Adding animal fat to meals or eating meat with its fat ensures a good supply of the fat-soluble vitamins needed for good immunity. (Vitamin A used to be called the “anti-infectious vitamin” but we now know that these vitamins work together. It is therefore best to consume the packages that nature cleverly supplies for us – butter, cream, organic (preferably raw) full cream milk (not homogenised), liver, eggs, shellfish and oily cold-water fish.
  • Don’t use seed oils either for cooking or as margarine nor those that say “olive oil margarine”. These compromise our immunity both by being very prone to rancidity and their ability to upset the Omega 3 and 6 balance. There are so many other oils and fats to use instead – olive oil, coconut oil, duck and goose fat, lard, dripping, butter and they all taste much better too.
  • Get your vitamin C from leafy green vegetables, tomato juice, tangerines, grapefruits, parsley etc. Drinking fruit juice will increase you intake of sugars too much.
  • Include some natural full-fat yogurt or fresh sauerkraut in your diet for probiotic bacteria.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Get some exercise. Walking is fine.
  • If you succumb to an infection – rest! Have a warm bath and use 4 drops of essential oils – choose from tea-tree, marjoram, lavender, chamomile – preferably a mixture of two or three. Drink plenty of water or herb teas.

salmon-1238667_640 It is never too late to start eating properly. It is a true investment into your health and will pay great dividends.


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