The Price of Health – part 2

Last week I outlined those factors that I believe are responsible for our chronically poor health. This week I have elaborated on some of these points

1)    Our food has been bastardised. Foods that we take for granted such as bread and milk, are a far cry from the bread and milk that were widely available fifty years ago.
Milk is pasteurised and homogenised rendering it not only devoid of its health-giving enzymes and some of its vitamin content, but it is structurally altered too making it hard or even, for some, impossible to digest.
Meat is often full of chemicals and other additives. Vegetables and fruit are treated with chemicals and are devoid of nutrients as they are grown on nutritionally poor soil.
Microwave meals have become the norm instead of an occasional time-saver. There are many more examples but this blog is not just about food.

2)    Medications. Oh dear where do I start? Chronic illness needs a drip-feed of medication for ever – and these drugs can cause other chronic states.  Good for the pharmaceutical companies but a disaster for good health. (I am not including emergency treatment for life-threatening illnesses.) It is difficult to overstate this factor. Millions of pounds are invested in new drugs by the pharmaceutical companies and this has to be recouped. In the U.S., television advertisements showing the “benefits” of these medications are commonplace, but there are many ways of encouraging doctors to prescribe specific drugs here too.
Keeping it topical, consider the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. Twenty years ago, no one had heard of them. Now they are obtainable over the counter. This state of affairs has come about through the (pseudo) “science” that insists that high cholesterol is bad. So we now have a drug (and there are others) which is freely available and millions of us are taking them, which is based on bad science. Make no mistake – there are massive health problems with this – both with reducing blood cholesterol and with the sometimes devastating side effects of the drugs themselves.

3)    We have been told to stay out of the sun. On its own, this may be responsible for many chronic illnesses. With the cholesterol in the skin, the sun creates huge quantities of vitamin D3 which the body uses for a multitude of functions. This happens because nature requires it for our existence. Those of you who have read my blogs before will know my feelings regarding this imperative vitamin. I will keep banging on about it until the message has reached the widest audience possible. Your vitamin D levels will only be good enough if you sunbathe.

4)    We have been told to eat a diet that is largely unsuitable for humans. Since this is the topic that I write about the most, I will keep this brief and to the point here.
Our genetic make-up has changed around 0.01% in the last 40,000 years. Our diet has changed around 90%. I invented that figure, but you get my gist. You only have to look around a chemist to see all the medications for gut disturbances to know that the situation is very wrong now.

As I seem to have written quite a bit, I will, after all, have to make this a three-part blog! So, until next time – good health!

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