Wellbeing Exhibitors

Previous exhibitors and confirmed for Benson 25.06.17
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Balanced Lifestyle – The Natural GP,   DSL Massage,

Dynamic Family Chiropractic,  Red Earth Holistic Therapies,

Challenge Fitness Wendy Hamilton – Emmett Therapy,  Liata Therapies,

Newman’s Natural Therapies,  I Am Mine Therapies,   Ugly Apples Skincare,

 Inspire Healing,     Sheabutter Cottage,   Earthwise Girls,

  Lucy Teixeira Wellbeing Advisor,     ReadiBus,   Izera Art Therapy,

 Tropic Skincare,  Kinesiologist – Sandra Taylor,  Woodley NLP,  Active Silver,

The Massage Room,  H by Maia,  Pranic Healing,  Breast Cancer UK, 

You Happy First,   Floating Point,   Isabelle Brough Soft Tissue Therapy,

Earley Acupuncture Clinic,  Living Well Mindfulness,   Seishin Shiatsu,  

Clare Burgess Hypnotherapy,   Sittingwell,   The Ways & Means Trust,

 Ladybird First Aid,   Health & Hart,   Balm of Gilead,  Niki’s Awarded Balms,

Chrystel Melhuish Design and Publishing,  Ayurvedic Therapies,

  Chakrapatch,    Henley Community Acupuncture,   The Cupping Therapy, 

Celebrant – Cathy Farrant,  Kinesiology – Shona,   The Balance Procedure,

Brenda Broadbridge – Emmett and Bowen Therapy practitioner,

Niki’s Organic Balms and Holistic Therapies,


Liata Therapies                                                           Confirmed for June
Jacqui provides crystal and colour therapies, Indian head massage, Hopi ear candling and more.
Liata Therapies



Balanced Lifestyle – The Natural GP                       
“For me, it will always be about supplying honest, truthful information. Delivering treatments and supplying pure, natural products that protect and serve the individual and the world we live in.”
Health Kinesiology
Logo Natural GP




DSL Massage                                                      Confirmed for June 2017
“Do you want a massage that really works and will make a big difference to your sore back or tight shoulders? Do you find that a Spa Style or Beauty Salon type of massage doesn’t really help your aches and pains and costs a lot of money?” Dave offers Body Restoring massage at affordable prices!
DSL logo





Newman’s Natural Therapies                                 
..offers a unique, holistic treatment, tailored for each individual.  Working either from a relaxed home based setting on the outskirts of Caversham or from The Rosedale Clinic in Reading we are able to dedicate the time you deserve to ensure you receive the best result from your treatment.”




Dynamic Family Chiropractic                                   Confirmed for June
Chiropractic is healthcare not pain relief
Chiropractic helps you be your best naturally…



Red Earth Holistic Therapies                                              
Combining Herbal Medicine and Holistic Massage we strive to understand you as a unique person, we tailor our massages and herbal medicines so that they are bespoke to you, to you and your beautiful soul, ensuring you find emotional and physical ease.
Red Earth logo




Challenge Fitness Wendy Hamilton, Emmett Therapy   
The EMMETT Technique is a muscle release therapy that uses gentle finger pressure to create often immediate improvements to pain and movement restrictions. It is easy to apply and easy to learn!
Challenge Fitness Logo





I Am Mine Therapies
Nicola specialises in lymph drainage massage which can be both therapeutic and relaxing. She also works with a company called Synergy who have created three synergistic supplemental products to provide optimal health.




 Niki’s Organic Balms and Holistic Therapies                Confirmed for June
Niki offers a comprehensive range of holistic treatments – Reiki, reflexology, Hopi ear candling etc. and she has created a range of balms to treat many health issues.

Niki McGlynn logo



Sheabutter Cottage                                  
“We manufacture handmade & natural toiletries and are suppliers of exotic butters and oils. The products  do not contain any artificial colouring or  synthetic fragrances – products are subtly scented with essential oils or left fragrance free with the unique properties of herbs.”
Shea Butter Cottage Logo




Ugly Apples                                                                  Confirmed for June
“Organic skincare. 100% natural and 100%hand made.” Vikki’s range includes products for men, women and children. There are also gifts and accessories.
Ugly Apples Logo






Earthwise Girls                                                           
“Reusable sanitary towels are now easy to use and care for, and there is so much choice!  If you prefer tampons, why not switch to Organic cotton tampons, or try a menstrual cup or sea sponge tampon instead.  Time to be Earthwise, Girls!”
earthwisegirls logo




Lucy Teixeira Wellbeing Advisor                 Confirmed for June                         Lucy is a homeopath and Weleda expert. Weleda therapeutic products provide a safe solution for many ailments.
Lucy-Teixeira homeopathy -Logo




“ReadiBus is the dial-a-ride bus service for people with restricted mobility in and around Reading, UK.”




Tropic Skincare                                                        Confirmed for June
“Our products are derived from 100% pure plant extracts, are honestly priced and are naturally effective on all skin types.”
Tropic Natalie logo




The Woodley NLP                                                       Confirmed for June    
“Helping you to resolve negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and providing you with a positive mental toolkit to design, construct and achieve your Brilliant Future.” EFT practitioner.
Woodley NLP Phil Gowler logo



The Massage Room   Zoe Bowen 
“Whether you are seeking… Pain-relief, Injury Recovery, Maintenance, Stress-relief, Mobility Improvement, Posture Correction, Easing of Tension & Aches or simply Peace and Serenity… We offer professional and effective natural therapies and treatments.”
The Massage Room Logo




H by Maia                                                        Confirmed for June            
“Skincare products for those who love a little luxury, value naturally radiant skin and want to limit the toxicity in their lives”
H by Maia logo



Breast Cancer UK                                       
“Breast Cancer UK works to save lives and reduce breast cancer rates by tackling the environmental and chemicals causes of the disease.  We are completely independent and receive no Government funding.  Our work is funded  by the voluntary donations and legacies of our supporters. This generosity has allowed us to grow, spread our message, raise awareness, promote change and support important scientific research to help prevent breast cancer. We believe prevention is possible.”



You Happy First                                                            
Alexandra is a level 3 Massage Therapist and Level II Reiki Practitioner. She also offers deep tissue massage and Indian head massage.
You happy first logo




Active Silver                                             
“Colloidal Silver has numerous health benefits and provides a defense against disease, killing viruses, bacteria and fungal infections, without killing the anaerobic (good) bacteria that your body needs.”




Earley Acupuncture Clinic                                
“Acupuncture offers a safe and holistic approach for the treatment of a wide range of conditions, and can be used alongside conventional therapies.”
Earley Acupuncture Clinic logo




Living Well Mindfulness                         
“Mindfulness means being aware of what’s happening in your body and mind, and in the world around you, now, as it happens. Increased awareness brings many benefits, and has been proven in scientific trials to reduce pain, depression and anxiety, and to improve physical functioning.”
Living Well Mindfulness-logo




Clare Burgess Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing          
Clare offers hypnotherapy for many problems – phobias, anxiety, phobias and more. She also offers hypnobirthing which “helps you feel positive, relaxed and confident for pregnancy and birth”.


Floating Point
Floating Point offers individual floatation pods for pure relaxation. Epsom Salts are dissolved in the water which ensures floatation and has numerous health benefits. The centre also offers holistic therapies.
floating_point logo




Inspire Healing                                          
“Facial Reflexology is a unique treatment which focuses on the reflex points in the face to give an extremely relaxing treatment. It not only helps you to improve your health and wellbeing, but it can also help you look better, younger and have a healthy glow on the outside.”
Inspire Healing logo




Ladybird First Aid                                 Confirmed for June                        “Ladybird First Aid offers parents, grandparents, carers and parents-to-be comprehensive baby and child first aid classes in various locations in and around the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire borders as well as in the comfort of your own home.”
Ladybird logo



Health & Hart                                                            
Joanne Hart of health & hart is a degree qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist (often known as a nutritionist). She provides personalised and practical nutrition and lifestyle advice to support your goals.  Joanne is also a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and a Coach.”
Health & Hart




Balm of Gilead                                          Confirmed for June
Natural hand-made organic soaps: “As we share in this “Bubbly” experience together, we at Balm of Gilead Skincare will endevour to keep it Fresh and Natural, because we believe you can only make 100% Healthy Products by using 100% Natural Ingredients.”
Balm of Gilead logo



Seishin Shiatsu                                                                
“Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person, on both physical and energetic levels.”
Seishin Shiatsu logo



Isabelle Brough Soft Tissue Therapy
The skills that I offer focus on alleviating pain and discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular overuse and many chronic pain conditions, helping tight muscles relax, improving range of motion, breaking down scar tissue, de-activating trigger points and supporting the regulation of the nervous system.
Isabelle Brough logo





Pranic Healing                       Confirmed for June                      
“Pranic Healing® is a holistic form of therapy which uses a unique, powerful and effective no-touch system, personalised to each individual’s needs, to re-energise and heal the body.”
Pranic Heidi logo



“The Sittingwell® Cushion: No More Back Pain. A new revolution in back care. A back support that is effective and looks beautiful in your home”
Sittingwell logo




Chakrapatch                                                Confirmed for June               “Chakrapatch sells Fair Trade clothing and accessories which we have sourced from trusted companies with good fair trade standards and strong ethical and environmental policies.”
Chakrapatch logo




Chrystel Melhuish Design and Publishing                    
“Discover the power of daily gratitude and bring more joy and happiness into your life. Then watch your life transform and allow miracles to happen…The aim of this journal is to help you practice daily gratitude, be happier and to inspire you to grow and transform as a result in a way that lifts you up.”
Chrystel logo




Kinesiologist, Sandra Taylor                                  
“ASK is a charity, raising the awareness of Systematic Kinesiology and the great value Systematic Kinesiology has in preventative health care, for reducing pain and stress and for improving mental and physical health and well-being.”
ASK logo




Izera Art Therapy                                    
“We promote mindfulness and creativity through painting and other artistic activities. We do this through workshops, courses and summer retreats to the Giant Mountains – in all of these you will have the time and space for personal reflection and development.”
Izera Art logo




The Ways & Means Trust                       
“A charity helping adults with learning or physical disabilities, or poor mental health. We provide social and practical skills for independent living, and training, education and work experience to assist adults working towards open employment.” They will be selling lots of fresh produce, jams and flowers!




Ayurvedic Therapies                                         
“Ayurveda is an entire healthcare system originated in India. It incorporates many Ayurvedic treatments that are tailored to suit one’s lifestyle and needs.”


Henley Community Acupuncture                              New for June
“We provide effective, low cost acupuncture treatments for a wide range of conditions, in a peaceful group setting.” They are based at the Christchurch Community Centre in the centre of Henley-on-Thames. Open 9 -12pm every Tuesday.
HCAcup logo



The Cupping Therapy                                                     New for June
“Our aim is to help you achieve homeostatic balance in your health so that you do not have an excess of one thing or a lack of another. The Cupping Therapy will work to help you remove bad physical elements from your body and encourage you to replace it with something better so that you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier body and lifestyle.”
Cupping Therapy logo



Celebrant – Cathy Farrant                                          New for June
Cathy officiates at non-religious funerals, weddings, vow renewals, naming ceremonies, etc.


Kinesiology and Reconnective Healing          New for June
Shona Powrie who lives in Benson, will be exhibiting kinesiology and reconnective healing.
My motto is “You don’t have to feel ill to feel better.”  When you decide that enough is enough, but you don’t know if you have what it takes to change, come and have a session and get your sub-conscious pulling in the same direction as your conscious desires.  Then the change can happen!”

The Balance Procedure                         New for June
The Balance Procedure is an instant relaxation technique, easy to learn, simple to do and enables us to find new freedom in creating the life that we want!
See Adrienne’s Facebook page here.


Brenda Broadbridge Emmett and Bowen Therapy    New for June
These two therapies help with a variety of conditions, including those causing pain. They are non-invasive and involve light touch whilst the client is sitting or lying down.